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Unilabs Management Team

The Unilabs Management Team's principal objective is the implementation of Unilabs’ strategy across the Group. Its elected members bring a diverse range of nationalities, interests and qualifications to Unilabs’ leadership.

  • Mohammed Daoud Chief Executive Officer - Unilabs Middle East
    Mohammed Daoud
    Chief Executive Officer - Unilabs Middle East
  • Dr. Janan Al Zahid Working as a Medical Director and Clinical Biochemist
    Dr. Janan Al Zahid, MSc. PhD. (UK)
    Medical Director, Clinical Biochemist
  • Operations Director - Unilabs Middle East
    Shimaa Sabri
    Operations Director - Unilabs Middle East
  • Jenna Maddern Is Working As a Commercial Director
    Jenna Maddern
    Commercial Director - Unilabs Middle East
  • Dr. Hassan Hotait - Unilabs
    Dr. Hassan Hotait
    Consultant Anatomic Pathologist, MBBS, I AP Board, PhD. (Spain)
  • Dr. Yusrah A. Atrah - Unilabs
    Dr. Yusrah A. Atrah
    Clinical Manager and COVID-19 Team Leader, Unilabs Middle East
  • Tim Mclean Regional Laboratory Manager - Unilabs Middle East
    Tim McLean
    Regional Laboratory Manager - Unilabs Middle East
  • Dr. Salma Akkari - Unilabs Clinical Pathologist
    Dr. Salma Akkari
    Clinical Pathologist
  • Dr. Hiba Khanafer Working as a Quality Manager  at unilabs
    Dr. Hiba Khanafer, CQIA, CSSYB, PhD
    Quality Manager
  • Jos Lamers joined Unilabs in October 2013
    Jos Lamers
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrew Derodra joined Unilabs in August 2018 as Chief Financial Officer
    Andrew Derodra
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Samantha Laurent joined Unilabs in October 2007
    Samantha Laurent
    Chief People Officer
  • Christian joined Unilabs in September 2018 as the group’s Chief Medical Officer
    Christian Rebhan
    Chief Medical Officer & Head of Customer Excellence
  • Lars Jørgensen joined Unilabs in 2016 as General Manager Laboratory North
    Lars Linaa Jørgensen
    Group Regional Director North
  • Martin Schlatter - Unilabs
    Martin Schlatter
    Group Regional Director Centre
  • Michiel Boehmer working as a Group Regional Director South and joined Unilabs in March 2014
    Michiel Boehmer
    Group Regional Director South
  • Jacques Herber Chief Operations Officer- Unilabs
    Jacques Herber
    Chief Operations Officer

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