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Imaging Diagnostic Services

More than 700 radiologists use their extensive expertise and the latest technology to help make the right diagnosis.    


What we do

With more than 500 Unilabs radiologists in 180 units across Europe, Unilabs performs and interprets more than to 5 million examinations every year for a wide variety of healthcare professionals.

Our services give you easy access to modern medical imaging facilities and actionable reports that aid accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The scale of our network guarantees access to the very best radiologists and helps to reduce reading times.

We collaborate with governments on national screening programs, deliver fast-track access for private insurance customers, assist hospitals with managing in-house services and facilitate quick, effective treatment decisions for tens of thousands of healthcare professionals across our group.

From routine X-rays to full-body MRIs, we operate the latest diagnostic imaging equipment and can integrate our reporting into your preferred systems and approaches.

Our highly experienced staff help you offer a standout service to your patients

Our highly experienced staff help you offer a standout service to your patients

We believe our radiology and imaging services can provide you with actionable, clear answers. But we know there is more to delivering outstanding service than technology and expertise alone. As a result, we are equally focused on providing your patients with an outstanding experience when they visit one of our centres.

Whatever your radiology and imaging needs may be, our staff are available to help you and your patients get the answers you need.


We operate

180 imaging units

across our group

We perform

5 million examinations

examinations every year

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