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Pathology Diagnostic Services

With more than 300 pathology specialists on hand, we provide a true Doctor-to-Doctor approach that is key to sharing our extensive expertise and helping you to make accurate and timely diagnoses.

What we do

With more than 260 Unilabs pathologists in labs across our group, Unilabs provides total solutions in histopathology and cytology for a wide variety of healthcare professionals.

Our services allow easy access to specialist and subspecialist expertise. The scale of our network guarantees you access to a large base of pathology specialists across our group. Our pathology portfolio includes:

  • Clinical pathology
  • Cytology
  • Flow cytometry
  • Online pathology

In some locations our actionable reports include personal password-protected access to a web-based portal, allowing you and your patients to securely view results online.

Unilabs operates to all scales of pathology service, collaborating with governments on national screening programs, while also assisting clinics and hospitals by managing in-house services and facilitating quick, effective treatment decisions for tens of thousands of healthcare professionals across our group.

Our highly specialised staff help you make a difference for your patients

Our highly specialised staff help you make a difference for your patients

With an ever-higher demand on pathology services and a shortage of pathology professionals, our vast network is stepping up to help healthcare professionals face this challenge by embracing digital pathology.

The digitalisation of our pathology services connects our laboratories in the Middle East to our specialists in our group allowing for:

  • Further specialisation, improving quality and increased capacity to ensure fast turnaround of cases
  • Better access to field experts regardless of their or your location
  • Remote diagnostics with flexible schedules and reporting locations
  • Innovative AI and CAD pathology services

Whatever your pathology needs are, our staff are there to help you and your patients get the accurate and timely answers you need.


Key facts


300 pathologists

across Europe

Our accredited lab in central London is 

the largest independent provider of cellular pathology services

in the UK

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